Thank you for joining us this month as we celebrate National Health Center Week and National Health Center Staff Appreciation Day with a number of staff spotlights. We hope they gave you a useful look into our centers and the dedicated staff that keeps them going each day.

We’re dedicated to hiring employees who are inherently courteous and polite, and treat everyone with the highest level of respect and professionalism.

Spotlight on our staff

We end our staff spotlight with two positions that are truly the eyes and ears of our centers as they watch over our residents’ needs, comfort and safety:

  • Nursing Home Administrator
    Our nursing home administrators are responsible for the overall operations of our centers and oversee everything from patient needs and government regulations to company policies and business objectives. They help keep our centers humming along with a focus on policy, compassion and safety.
  • Licensed Practical Nurse
    Our licensed practical nurses oversee the day-to-day nursing activities to ensure the highest quality of care is maintained at all times. While their primary function is to ensure the rules, regulations and guidelines of a long-term care center are followed; they never lose sight of our residents and are dedicated to their health, safety and environment.

If you are looking for a safe place your loved one can call home, visit to find a center near you. Our staff has risen to meet this moment and is taking these learnings into the future to ensure Gulf Coast Health Care offers leading-edge care and compassion to all our residents.